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Monday, May 17, 2010

My First Time~~

First time.. OF?

Previous day, am still figuring how should i start my blog..
Well, seems like that something interesting happened to me..

I was having a happening Sunday..

Ya, together with my sweetie and cutie, we went for Cosplay competition in Penang Time Square.After the event, we were heading to Gurney plaza..

Well, that's a so-called 'sweet' (@#$*#!) memory in my life..
---------------> AN ACCIDENT <--------------------

When i STOPed at the junction, a car from left turned into my road and hit my car...
& what's really angry me, the 'bloody hell' came down from his car and scolded me!!!

    Pity Car...... :(

 Bloody Hell @#$%*!

Fine, i don't want to quarrel with a low-class people..so i decided to make a REPORT!

 My draft Report..

Oh ya, seems like i had left out two 'HEROs' here..

Yea, they helped me, brought me to the police station at Jalan Dato Keramat.... blah blah blah...
Just that, they wished i could pick them to service my car,so that they could earn from the insurance.. well, sorry for that.. i didn't trust any stranger... and so, no business... they left...
and that's my FIRST TIME :)
God bless me!!!


carmen4ever said...

hahaha, lol...
sweet memories with sweet one!!
learn something today!!
but the car is pity lor
haven't slp ar leng lui?

carmen4ever said...

good morning....
sure u'll have a sweet memories since u are with sweet one!!!

Vivien~❤ said...

pity car...
very sien at home...
but then guai guai this 2 days 1st la...haha

carmen4ever said...

next week i can go ma poh with you edi!!
i get permission

Vivien~❤ said...

yea yea...
come come..then we learn to cook and so shopping...wakkaa


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