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Friday, July 30, 2010

Girls' ❤ Talk

Gathering again!!!
We miss the moment so much...
After 5 months, at last we could able to have such gathering again..
Well, we SING more than we TALK!! haha..
We have our gathering at Sunway Ampsquare..and surprisingly, guess what, we still have the STUDENT PRICE!!!
Yea, what to do, we were so lucky to have no expiry date on our Student card..so, we are students Forever... giak giak giak =P
A snap before I went out ❤ =)
We reach Ampsquare at 12pm..but student price only available at 1pm onwards, so we have Girl's chit-chat first... =P
We then enter the karaoke room at 1.05pm.. 

This our little singer!! She sings very well...nice voice she has...& probably our batch IDOL!! =)
Well this girl, ma ma tei la... haha =P
That's the day...MISS U ALL !!

cheers, ❤

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hectic Life ❤s Laid-back Life

Dear all, Vivi is back to the 'Laid-back' life again..
I have been through A hectic life last week--a Hotlink promoter?!?
Well, it's not that busy at all..just that, my late afternoon lazy piggy's sleep is gone...
Hotlink promoter, sounds like a busy stuff huh?? 
i think it's more boring than sitting at home watching movie crunching my lovely chocolate biscuits sipping my favorite green tea...
Me and my dear Peng work as a team.We need to run few branches in 7 days. However, it's just 7 hours work per day.. What can we do in this 7 hours? 
1. Standing
2. Searching
3. Staring
4. Chatting
We do COMMUNICATING as well... =)
Hmm, me & Peng found out that instead of being bored at home, it's just another way to be BORED.

Besides that..I had start my BELLY-DANCING class...
"A truly woman-centered art form & it's a beautiful way to express the pride of being a woman"
Yes, totally agreed...& i suppose i am =P
Cheers, ❤


Thursday, July 8, 2010


It's been a while staying at home...
Slacking slacking & slacking...

Opened the fridge,
Baby Romaine checked..
Tomato checked..
Purple cabbage checked...
Egg checked..
Carrot checked..
Cheesy hotdog checked..
Honeydew checked..

Yes, am trying to make my Lunch...
& this would be the simplest Lunch i have...

I am going to learn how to COOK?!!
My mum told me to learn from the easiest or basic first..
& i suppose Salad is the easiest ever meal that i can make...

With Island topping...It's just perfect...

Cheers, ❤

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