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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hectic Life ❤s Laid-back Life

Dear all, Vivi is back to the 'Laid-back' life again..
I have been through A hectic life last week--a Hotlink promoter?!?
Well, it's not that busy at all..just that, my late afternoon lazy piggy's sleep is gone...
Hotlink promoter, sounds like a busy stuff huh?? 
i think it's more boring than sitting at home watching movie crunching my lovely chocolate biscuits sipping my favorite green tea...
Me and my dear Peng work as a team.We need to run few branches in 7 days. However, it's just 7 hours work per day.. What can we do in this 7 hours? 
1. Standing
2. Searching
3. Staring
4. Chatting
We do COMMUNICATING as well... =)
Hmm, me & Peng found out that instead of being bored at home, it's just another way to be BORED.

Besides that..I had start my BELLY-DANCING class...
"A truly woman-centered art form & it's a beautiful way to express the pride of being a woman"
Yes, totally agreed...& i suppose i am =P
Cheers, ❤



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