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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Singapore ❤ 16/6/10-23/6/10

Yes,it's quite a sudden went to Singapore few days after Taiwan..
My auntie in Singapore said to me : You are too free! come to Singapore now!!=)
So, i fly there 2 days after that...
I reached Changi airport at 10pm (16/6/10), and my lovely Bui Yee(auntie) picked me up there..
First day plan, of cause the hot spot in Singapore now----USS..
Well, too bad..the tickets sold out until Monday. So, i came back again on Mon.
Then Bui Yee brought me & nephele to Prawn village---Prawning..?!?!
Haha, we were too free and nothing to do..
I learned a skill anyway.. Two of us caught 35 prawns in 3 hours...
It's a good results for us..=)

At night, we had dinner with my cousin brother.
Chilli Crab!!! 

It's a high Cholesterol Day!!! =p
The next few days i went to China town & Orchard road.
And i met up my lovely course mate there--Sakun!! =)
Monday, yes..went back to USS again...

purposely get wet!! wakaka..
and we changed..hurray.. =P

Oh,btw..i met up this Danny boy..
(I think he was happy coz got someone recognized him in Singapore) =P

Second hot spot---Marina Bay Sands

don't have the chance to visit the open garden...coz it's open the next day i back!!! omg...
so i just went to the casino...

That the days in Singapore...

cheers, ❤

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Taiwan Photos' Special Edition❤❤

Yes, serious..it's special edition...
Actor : Dylan Ng
Photographer: Vivien Ng

My Silly + Funny + Naughty Brother!!

First Series- 101 Tower

Second Series--Seduce?!?!

Lan si..haha

Third Series --The Statue

Fourth Series-- Pang Sai!!!

hehe..Funny ah?
he is too 无聊!!!

cheers, ❤


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Taiwan ❤ Family trip ❤ Part 8

Home Sweet Home..❤❤
The last day in Taiwan...we checked out from the hotel at 12 pm, reach Taoyuan international airport at 12.45pm... too bad, the flight delayed one hour..so,we departed at 5pm...
HelloKitty gateway...

We had bought a swatch as daddy's birthday present.. Love you, Daddy!!

We reached Kuala Lumpur at 10pm...
Heading back Penang the next day...

Miss Taiwan...Miss my Jill Stuart..
ps: next time definitely will go there again just for Jill Stuart.. giak giak giak...=P

cheers, ❤

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

taiwan ❤ Family trip ❤ Part 7

It's second last day in Taiwan...
Early in the morning, we went to 淡水老街..
We had our brunch there at 海丰餐厅. However, it's abit pricey if compare to Tambun seafood.. 
taste?? erm, i think i still prefer Tambun seafood...

This oyster soup should be nice...too bad, i can't have it much as i allergic to ginger...so i will wash the oyster with tea first...hehe
After lunch, Hong bought this snack..101 tower potato chips..it's nice..
铁蛋。。when you want to buy this, you need to see carefully...there got a lot of counterfeit one...
And this brand is the best!!

Fuyoh, it's time to go for HOT SPRING.. 
Yea..after 6 days of tiring shopping, visiting...now,it's time to relax...

We went to one of the hot spring hotel for 3 hours rest..
Then..we continue our last day SHOPPING.. 
mum & dad went back to Shihlin night market, cause still said he haven tried everything there...
Well, four of us went back to Sogo department store...to get my JILL STUART!! =P
Before that, we had our dinner at 鼎泰丰 restaurant at Sogo to try their 小笼包。。。

Too bad, we finished our dinner at 9.15pm... and they started to announce that they going to close there complex in 15 minutes time...which means that, i need to rush for my Jill Stuart...
Luckily,manage to get things i wanted to buy..and got the chance to sign up for the MEMBERSHIP.. =P

cheers, ❤


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