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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Singapore ❤ 16/6/10-23/6/10

Yes,it's quite a sudden went to Singapore few days after Taiwan..
My auntie in Singapore said to me : You are too free! come to Singapore now!!=)
So, i fly there 2 days after that...
I reached Changi airport at 10pm (16/6/10), and my lovely Bui Yee(auntie) picked me up there..
First day plan, of cause the hot spot in Singapore now----USS..
Well, too bad..the tickets sold out until Monday. So, i came back again on Mon.
Then Bui Yee brought me & nephele to Prawn village---Prawning..?!?!
Haha, we were too free and nothing to do..
I learned a skill anyway.. Two of us caught 35 prawns in 3 hours...
It's a good results for us..=)

At night, we had dinner with my cousin brother.
Chilli Crab!!! 

It's a high Cholesterol Day!!! =p
The next few days i went to China town & Orchard road.
And i met up my lovely course mate there--Sakun!! =)
Monday, yes..went back to USS again...

purposely get wet!! wakaka..
and we changed..hurray.. =P

Oh,btw..i met up this Danny boy..
(I think he was happy coz got someone recognized him in Singapore) =P

Second hot spot---Marina Bay Sands

don't have the chance to visit the open garden...coz it's open the next day i back!!! omg...
so i just went to the casino...

That the days in Singapore...

cheers, ❤


carmen4ever said...

ah Vi
let's go prawn-ing also
i love those cheesie prawn..
look yummy
y u never blog about the "egg" and lychee when ugot back to malaysia??!! hahaha

Vivien~❤ said...

cheesy prawn ar..hehe...really nice..
next time we go together!!! =)


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