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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Morning Walk

After 3 weeks slacking at home, it's been a while i saw the Sun rise..
Early in the morning about half past six, my mum 'dragged' me up and asked me to accompany them for a morning walk..

Arghh..i had been 3 weeks sitting at home doing nothing, and almost forget the word 'E.X.E.R.C.I.S.E.'
Oops, it should be 3 weeks + 3 months in Kelantan...

I admitted my parents are not my rival..or it should be 'i am not their rival'.. 
If it is a Full marathon, then i was just able to finish a half marathon, where my parents could able to finish the whole thing.

Well, if it's in a shopping mall, then it will be another saying. 

Anyhow, i decided to train back my STAMINA...

cheers ❤


carmen4ever said...

my dear vivian,
i am back
morning walk nice...
seems enjoy life and relaxing ya
nice mum drag u for a healthy life
my mum....always ask me eat slp and...
...herself also like that...

Vivien~❤ said...

haha...then i will go "drag" u here tml...wakaka


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