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Monday, June 7, 2010

taiwan ❤ Family trip ❤ Part 6

7/6/10- Sunny
Taipei 101... 
And these were taken by my lovely dad ..hehe...not bad le...

This is the view from the tower =)

Haha, Hong took this photo, am my daddy looks like IRON MAN???(due to the round light on his shirt) =P

Three of us didn't went up to the tower, only dad & hong..well, daddy is trying to give a small surprise to mummy...

Yea, 红珊瑚 pendant ..It's quite famous in Taiwan...
Dad bought it in one of the jewelry shop in Taipei 101...

Mummy's Happy look... =)

Gotcha ....Sweet couple... ❤❤

Then we went to 国父纪念馆...

At night, we went to 五分埔..erm...not much things to shop there..
cause the clothes selling there not really nice.. =)

cheers, ❤


carmen4ever said...

so branded in 101 ler!!
wasai...DIor somemore

Vivien~❤ said...

hah...all branded stuff...only can buy cosmetics nia...


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