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Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Darling Sister's Birthday❤

As promised, need to update my blog...Am back!!! miss all my babes...❤ u all so much...
24th of September,My dear sister birthday...
It's also a reunion day for three of us...
Snap of the day
Birthday girl as driver..LOL
Little Bro...
Sushi Zenmai Restaurant
Me & my lovely sister 
Blur blur Brother..pls =) nicely!! 
He's starving!!
Sweet smile from my lovely sister ❤
Fresh Oyster..

My favourite "sotong"

After dinner, we went back for birthday cake session...yummy..
Gifted by sister's friend..thanks to her !!

Happy Birthday Sis!! ❤
Sweet Reunion day...miss u all so much
That's the day with my siblings..the most lovely one...Love u all!!! 



Rhuyann said...

Waseh, wat cake is that? look super duper delicious lerr...bought at where de?

carmen4ever said...

muahaha, the cake is special
yummy? i'm soooo hungry nao!!T.T
cute 3 siblings

Vivien~❤ said...

mango cake...bought by my sister's friend,in KL probably,hah...very yummy =)


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