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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taiwan ❤ Family trip ❤ Part 2

3/6/10- Cloudy
Arrived at Sun Moon Lake(日月潭) at 3pm
it's the view of the lake..
then we went to Yi Da Thao (伊达邵) by the bus of Sun Moon Lake...
This is the place where the indigenous stay...

Here you can get some souvenirs and snacks... =)

This is nice..all of us love it so much...must try❤
this 臭豆腐 , erm...some will like it..well for me,personally Dislike! 

that's the night we spent in Sun Moon Lake...
We went back by hotel's van. 
 These are the souvenirs we bought there...giak giak giak (sorry for those who din get this) =P
hehe, we found something cute...鱿鱼片... huge and with different flavor..

We woke up early in the morning for the breakfast prepared by the hotel.

After that we went to the temple (文武庙) just in front of the hotel..

The view from the top of the temple...
We spent more than one hour here...

Peacock Farm (孔雀园)
It's just a stone walk from the temple...(5minute)
Nothing much here...of cause, only peacocks.. =)

Check out at 12pm - heading to 南投,埔里酒厂


carmen4ever said...

muac muac!!! nice pic dear

Vivien~❤ said...

thanks babe...


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