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Friday, June 4, 2010

Taiwan ❤ Family trip ❤ Part 3

Arrived at 南投,埔里酒厂 at 1pm
This is the factory of 绍兴酒, where some people used to use it to cook...it taste so familiar to me..

we visited the Wine's history and museum..

We bought 状元红,as my mum wish to have more 状元 in our family... =P
Btw, the wine here is not very expensive..and i had bought ❤绍兴酒❤as well =)

ps: here selling vinegar also..very cheap..we bought 6 bottles.. (that's also one of way to increase your luggage) giak giak giak...

We leave at 2pm, heading to 南投,清境.

Arrived at 芸芦山庄, 清境 at 3pm.
At first, we thought the driver bring us to the wrong way, cause the road was curvy and make me nausea..
We started to blame my brother, why having this B&B...
However, we still reached at the right one...
It's a good place where it placed in the center of cingjing farm...so u can really get the best view of the mountain....
Two words to describe this B&B---Fairyland + Paradise..
Nice place,Nice room,Excellent service,Friendly host and Nice food!!! 

This dog name 哈利,very protective and cute...
he can play with you and bring you for a morning walk...

This is the dining room, the host had prepared dinner for us ...

Three types of steamboat u can choose..
It was so tasty and yummy...
Some tourists will just came here for the steamboat...
Each of us had one big bowl of it...FULL....

Love this place so much...and fully recommended!!!
As i know, this is one of the top 10 B&B in taiwan =)

cheers, ❤


carmen4ever said...

i like Dylan's white jersey!!!!
so nice!!!!

Vivien~❤ said...

haha...ask from him =)


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